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Новый Gnome — 5 (и хватит).

...в поисках информации о том, как привести новый Гном в мало-мальски пригодное для работы состояние, набрёл на статью, под каждой строчкой которой подпишусь. Полный текст здесь, но позволю себе несколько цитат, абсолютно точно выражающих и мои ощущения по поводу.


A casual user is, for the lack of better word, controlled chaos waiting to unravel. Casual users have virtually no understanding what they are doing. The focus of their computer activity is social media, porn, downloading music and videos, maybe some mail, and if they are really, really advanced, they might actually keep their data backed up on a separate partition.

With those people in mind, Gnome 3 is being modeled.


The first thing the power user will notice is that he does not have a classic menu, no shortcuts, no place to put his icons, no right-click, nothing really. The power user will feel neutered and frustrated.


Gnome 3 is very pretty. It's slick and modern. It works well, too. It could sway the Windows and Mac users over into the Linux fold. But let's forget ideology for a moment. I want to get things done. I don't really care what kernel I'm running or what flavor of code was used to weave the experience for me. I repeat, I want to get things done. Period.


I am not a child. My computer is not a toy. It's a serious tool. I can't have my tool remodeled and reshaped every six months. I use my software for complex tasks that require stability and predictability. Taking away those renders everything meaningless.

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